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Advanced Technology For A Superior Lens

BVG® Sunglasses bring you the highest quality non-glass lens technology available. What’s more, we have partnered with Zeiss Optical to outfit some of our frames with an even better lens, Powered by Zeiss technology. Buying a high-end pair of sunglasses should mean the materials it’s made from are also the highest quality. You get that with BVG® Sunglasses, but at a similar price to other top name brands. The decision, and your sunglasses, couldn’t be more clear!


We Take A Pass on Plastic. We use nylon PFA1 Polyamide in all our designs, and not Polycarbonate (plastic) which means you get the best, most versatile and optically pure non-glass material available anywhere in a sunglass lens.


Cut Through the Glare And the Hype. Most BVG® sunglasses are polarized, which provide superior glare protection compared to sunglasses without polarized lenses. Polarization makes a big difference during full or partial sun in your ability to see clearly and without discomfort. While polarized lenses have been around for decades, they aren’t perfect. They can make it difficult to clearly read your phone or tablet, or even read instruments in a car or plane. Coming soon, BVG® will introduce our new Sun Lenses that will increase contrast sensitivity while cutting glare, all without the interference sometimes caused by polarization. We’re on it!

Lenses Powered by ZEISS

Be Smart AND Beautiful. ZEISS Optical is an internationally leading technology enterprise in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. With its solutions, they’re constantly advancing the world of optics and shaping technological progress. We like to say that with ZEISS Optical, we’ve got both beauty and brains, merging high style with high-tech in all our sunglasses. BVG® together with ZEISS is truly a game changer!

The FUTURE of BVG® Lenses

Innovation + Inspiration = Elevation. Stay tuned for extraordinary advancements in glass lenses, using Borosilicate glass lens technology, as we continue our partnership moving forward. Existing glass lenses are heavy and can be brittle. Our future includes bringing you clearer, stronger and lighter glass lenses for both prescription and non-prescription uses.