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What do you do for a living?
I’m a singer and musical theater stage performer.

Can you share one thing no one (or few people) know about you?
I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love sports, adventure and extreme activities.

What is #LifeThroughBVGs like for you?
It is doing everything I love by being myself and having a wonderful sunglass company by my side, helping me protect my eyes and promote a wonderful cause.

Why BVGs? Why do you choose to support BVGiWear and why do you choose to wear our glasses?
Aside from the high-quality and technology, I love how BVG gives back and supports veterans. There is also a great team behind the scenes who are very passionate in promoting us as ambassadors and the cause which the company stands for.

Tell us your most embarrassing moment?
As a singer, it is very embarrassing to mess up the lyrics of a song, especially when you’re performing a very popular song in front of a large audience. So I did that and it will always be a learning experience. 😂

What legacy would you like to leave behind in the world?
Sometimes, the things that don’t mean anything or we take for granted could mean the world for someone else, so let’s always be grateful. Whatever talent or gift is given to us, let’s use it for good and give back by sharing it to others.

What would you tell yourself just ten years ago?
Following your dreams takes perseverance and is attained by the small decisions that you make all throughout your life. So don’t give up and keep the fire burning.

What’s your biggest life challenge and how did you overcome it?
When I was still in college and living with my family, we lost most of our things/properties because of a big flashflood that hit our town at midnight while most people were asleep. It was devastating and heartbreaking learning about the loss of some people’s lives. As a family, our faith was strong and we were very grateful that we were still alive. That alone, the gift of life, pushed us back up and start anew.

Who is your inspiration and how do they inspire you?
My parents are my inspiration. Despite all the hardships they faced in supporting our family, they brought us up to be faithful, hopeful and courageous. Despite all the challenges they faced as husband and wife, they journeyed together showing unconditional love and forgiveness. All these made our family strong, grateful and unbreakable.

What are you most scared of and why?
I’m scared of not living life to my fullest potential and losing loved ones.

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